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About Us

Kammer Films is a Wedding film house based in Upstate NY. We travel worldwide and love to adventure and explore with our clients. We have been filming weddings since 2014. We only take on 5-10 weddings a year edited by founder Alek Kammer to ensure that each film is perfectly tailored to our couples. We do not cut corners or rush projects in the pursuit of volume. We are here to craft a film that you will have for the rest of your lives and that is not something we take lightly. Your story is our style. We love working hand in hand with our brides to ensure they have the wedding of their dreams and to ensure a wedding film that completely captures their vibe. 

Alek kammer

I was raised by photographers, to be a photographer. However, once I tried Film for the first time. I knew I had found my passion in life. Being able to capture real moments and emotions. To be able to capture them for couples forever, is just so special to me. 

In my Personal life. I love to learn and grow. I am someone who is never satisfied if I am not trying to expand myself as a person. I am addicted to Fitness and Food. Music is absolutely massive in who I am as a person. The emotions it can make you feel and the way it can bring you back to a moment. Even more so in films. I have a Husky named Oakely who I absolutely adore, so please don't hesitate to bring your dog to the wedding! Over the past few years I have traveled more and more for work, and found that Traveling and adventuring is a core aspect of myself as a person. I have found nothing in Life that is more fulfilling to me than Filming couples in new and wild places. Telling their story.  

ryan Hagberg 

Before I because a videographer, I was actually in training to become a Wedding DJ. One of our couples wanted a simple video and offered to buy a camera. From that moment on video has been core in my life. I have been filming for over a decade now. My background has really developed a love of music and Audio. While Alek is the more free-spirited type. I love to focus on details. For me, making sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible and that any issues are taken care of before a couple ever knows about them, is as rewarding as it gets. 

In my free time I have a deep love of Learning and being helpful. If I can learn something that helps others or those I love, I feel fulfilled as a person. I am a self proclaimed nerd. Video games, Comic-con, Board games, I'm there! I am also a huge foodie. Traveling and getting to try new food is defiantly a huge job perk. Being able to travel and meet so many amazing people is why I do what I do. Capturing playful, honest, silly, adventurous lovers makes this a job I would choose over all others.